The history of the Maison

La Maison TATIN in Lamotte-Beuvron, in the Loir-et-Cher department, is located opposite the SNCF railway station and ready to receive you upon your arrival.

This 19th century hotel was the birthplace of the tarte Tatin, the famous and delicious dessert named after the sisters who created it back in the days when they owned the establishment. Today, the hotel offers a complete and high-quality service with its 16 rooms, restaurant, bar and tasting room, not forgetting a SPA area of more than 250 m² that was built in 2020. It is a culturally fascinating place that will appeal to lovers of history, architecture, and savoir-vivre. What’s more, it will satisfy your taste buds with its contemporary and entirely homemade cuisine based on local and seasonal produce.

Tarte tatin

This mouth-wateringly aromatic and delicious dessert comes from Lamotte-Beuvron in the Sologne. The Tatin sisters, Caroline (born in 1847) and Stéphanie (born in 1838), had already established the reputation of their restaurant, which was mentioned in the first edition of the Michelin Guide as one of the best restaurants in the Sologne and beyond. No visit would be complete without taking the opportunity to taste this specialty which has become the emblem of the region.

If we head back in our time machine, we find ourselves in an impeccably maintained building on the opening Sunday of the hunt. While baking a traditional apple pie for the hungry hunters, overworked Stéphanie becomes a little flustered in the heat of the moment and leaves the apples cooking in butter and sugar for a little too long. Trying to rescue the situation, she decides to simply add the pastry base on top and finish the baking by putting the whole thing back in the oven. To her surprise, the hunters love her ‘upside-down’ creation, having no idea that it will become the famous tarte Tatin, a dish known all over the world.

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Maison Tatin

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